Helpful websites:

American Diabetes Association Provides diabetes research, information and advocacy.

Academy for Eating Disorders &
National Eating Disorders Association, both sites offer extensive information regarding disordered eating.

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 
Promotes optimal nutrition, health and well-being. The site offers recommended reading lists and access to practical food and nutrition information.

American Heart Association 
provides information regarding heart disease, including warning signs and information on diseases and conditions. Many valuable educational materials are available.

Downsize Fitness provides exercise facilities and specially trained staff for individuals who are at least 50 pounds overweight. They help you find the courage to confront and persevere in overcoming their obesity.

The Gatorade Sports Science Institute offers a variety of information regarding sports nutrition.

Food and Nutrition Information Center contains over 2000 links to current and reliable nutrition information.

Local Harvest – get affordable, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, and support struggling regional farms at the same time.

NCS…gotta run!! –a weekly Walking/Running Club focusing on balancing nutrition and exercise and fueling for efficiency. Healthcare Providers such as Registered Dietitians, Personal Trainers, Pilates & Yoga instructors and more are with you every step of the way to keep you on the right track.

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